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Warwick Gnome i Pro 600W

mardi 3 octobre 2023

Warwick Gnome i Pro 600W

Warwick Gnome i Pro 600W, Amplifier Head for Electric Bass, Compact, lightweight bass amplifier with USB interface, Transistor circuit, Class D power amplifier, 600 W into 4 Ohm / 350 W into 8 Ohm, 4-Band EQ with +/- 15 dB cut/boost per band, 6.35 mm headphone output for silent practising, Balanced post-EQ XLR DI output with switchable ground lift, Input impedance of more than 10 MOhm for maximum sensitivity of passive pickups, Can be mounted on RockBoard pedalboards using RockBoard QuickMount Type D (not included), USB audio interface for Mac, PC or compatible mobile devices, No drivers or...

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