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Stage Pianos

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  • Stage Pianos : Clavia Nord Stage 4 88

    Clavia Nord Stage 4 88

    Clavia Nord Stage 4 88, Performance Stage Piano, 88 Weighted keys with Aftertouch, Independent sections for piano, organ and synthesizer, each with its own layer mixer and transposition button, 2 Programmable scenes (sound setups) with inaudible programme changes, Comprehensive piano section with a choice of concert grand, upright and electric pianos, 120-Voice polyphony for piano section, 2 GB of memory for piano sounds, Organ section with 6 models : B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox, Farfisa, x2 Pipe, LED drawbar, live mode, switchable vibrato/chorus, vintage 122 rotary speaker simulation and...

  • Stage Pianos : Kawai ES-920 B

    Kawai ES-920 B

    Kawai ES-920 B, Stage Piano, 88 Keys with Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) mechanism with pressure point simulation and triple sensor, Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL) with 88 key sampling, 38 Sounds, 100 Rhythms, 256-Note polyphony, Bluetooth Midi & Audio (aptX support for wireless communication and audio playback), Transposition, Mood, String resonance, Damper effect, Dual mode, Split mode, Four hands mode, Internal 2 track recorder, 4-Band EQ fader, OLED display, Metronome, 2 Headphone connections, MIDI In / Out, Line In (Stereo), Line Out (L / Mono, R), USB to host, USB to device, Speaker...

  • Stage Pianos : Roland RD-2000

    Roland RD-2000

    Roland RD-2000, Stage Piano with 88 Keys, PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and plastics, Two independent sound engines and modern controller features, Dedicated acoustic piano sound engine provides authentic, richly detailed tone with full polyphony, Second SuperNATURAL-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for electric pianos and additional sounds (compatible with RD-800 Live Sets), Eight knobs with LED status indicators and nine sliders for real-time control of sounds and effects, Eight fully assignable zones for combining internal sounds and external sources (including software...

  • Stage Pianos : Clavia Nord Electro 6D 61

    Clavia Nord Electro 6D 61

    Clavia Nord Electro 6D 61, Stage Piano and Synth, 61 Semi-weighted waterfall keys, Splitting and layering of all three sections, 6 Split points with LED display, 1 GB of memory for Nord Piano Library, 512 MB memory for Nord Sample Library, Nord C2D B3 tone wheel simulation, Principal pipe organ model, B3 tone wheel bass, Leslie 122 simulation of the Nord C2D, Advanced polyphony, Program selection with setlist function, Organise mode for reordering the programs and samples, Seamless Transitions function, New dual-organ mode, allowing quick access to dual-manual setups, 9 Physical drawbars,...

  • Stage Pianos : Kawai MP-11 SE

    Kawai MP-11 SE

    Kawai MP-11 SE, Stage Piano, 88 Keys Grand Feel mechanics with wooden keys, 3-sensor pressure point simulation and IvoryTouch keys, Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and SK-5 grand piano sounds, 40 Sounds with Harmonic Imaging XL technology and 88-key sampling, 208 Setup memory slots, 256-Note polyphony, Amp Simulator and DSP effects, Recording functions : MIDI, MP3, WAV, Playback with loop function, 128 X 64 Pixel LCD display with backlight, Metronome, Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, Dimensions (W x D x H) : 1380 x 452 x 190 mm, Weight : 34 kg, Incl. GFP-30 3-speed pedal@+*Connections :*@+@+, 6.3 mm Jacks...

  • Stage Pianos : Yamaha P-225 B

    Yamaha P-225 B

    Yamaha P-225 B, Stage Piano, 88-Key Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) weighted keyboard., Sound generation : Yamaha CFX Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite), Key-Off Samples, 192-Note polyphony, 24 Instrument presets, 50 Internal preset songs + 303 additional songs for learning via Smart Pianist app, 20 rhythms, Recording function for one song / 2 tracks, Dual / Duo mode, Split function, Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), 4 Reverb Effects + Wall EQ / Stereophonic Optimizer / Sound Boost (2 types), Integrated speakers 2x 7 watts (oval design 12 x 8 cm + 5 cm), Bluetooth connectivity -...

  • Stage Pianos : Clavia Nord Electro 6 HP

    Clavia Nord Electro 6 HP

    Clavia Nord Electro 6 HP, Stage Piano and Synth, 73 Keys with Nord Hammer Action Portable, Splitting and layering of all three sections, 6 Split points with LED display, 1 GB Memory for Nord Piano Library, 512 MB Memory for Nord Sample Library, North C2D B3 Tone Wheel simulation, Principal Pipe Organ model, B3 Tone Wheel bass, Leslie 122 Simulation of the North C2D, Extended polyphony, Program selection with set-list function, Organise mode for rearranging programs and samples, Seamless transitions function, New dual-organ mode that allows quick access to two-manual setups, 9 LED drawbar,...

  • Stage Pianos : Clavia Nord Piano 5 73

    Clavia Nord Piano 5 73

    Clavia Nord Piano 5 73, 73-key stage piano, Triple sensor keybed with hammer and grand weighted action, Virtual hammer action technology for dynamic response, Sound bank of 9 grand pianos, 9 uprights, 10 enhanced electric pianos, clavinet, digital pianos, marimba, vibraphone and more, OLED display, 2GB memory for Nord Piano Library and 1GB for Nord Sample Library, Seamless transitions (uninterrupted switching between sounds), Piano section : 2 independent piano engines (can be used simultaneously in layer or split configuration), 120-voice polyphony, 3 dynamic curves to suit playing style,...

  • Stage Pianos : Roland FP-90X WH

    Roland FP-90X WH

    Roland FP-90X WH, Digital Piano, 88 Keys, PHA-50 keyboard with Ivory Feel, Sound generation : 20 piano sounds 8 with PureAcoustic Piano Modeling, 18 E-piano sounds, 18 organ sounds, 27 strings and 279 other sounds, Unlimited polyphony for piano sounds, maximum polyphony for other sounds : 256 voices, MyStage function simulates 12 different acoustic environments, Ambience and rotary speaker effect and 3-band equalizer, Integrated speaker system with 8x 12 cm speakers (2x 25 watts) and 2x 2.5 cm tweeters (2x 5 watts), Transpose function, Integrated metronome, Recording and playback of standard...

  • Stage Pianos : Yamaha P-145 B

    Yamaha P-145 B

    Yamaha P-145 stage piano ; 88-key Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) weighted keyboard ; sound generation : Yamaha CFIIIS with damper resonance ; 64-voice polyphonic ; 10 instrument presets ; 50 internal preset songs + 303 additional songs for learning via Smart Pianist App ; Dual / Duo mode ; 4 reverb effects + sound boost (1 Type) ; built-in speakers 2x 7 watts (oval design 12 x 8 cm) ; incl. external 12V / 1.5A power supply PA-150B ; connections : Stereo headphone output 6.3 mm jack, sustain pedal input 6.3 mm jack, input for optional pedal unit LP-5A (not included), USB to Host connection for MIDI and...

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