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Synthesizers and Workstations

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Articles de cette rubrique

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : SOMA Lyra-8 Black Beast

    SOMA Lyra-8 Black Beast

    SOMA Lyra-8 Black Beast, Analog Drone Synthesizer, 8 Voices, 8 Oscillators, Each voice is freely tunable within a wide range, Triange/Square waveform mix and adjustable FM modulation per voice pair, AD envelope per voice with slow and fast response time, Hyper LFO for vibrato- and delay modulation, Switchable feedback path, Mod delay with 2 delay lines and LFO modulation, Drive knob with wet/dry controller, Can be played via 2 metal contacts per voice, Audio output : 6.3 mm Jack, Headphone output : 3.5 mm Jack, External input : 6.3 mm Jack, Hold gate : 6, 3 mm Jack, CV delay : 6.3 mm Jack, CV...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Roland J-6

    Roland J-6

    Roland J-6, AIRA Compact Chord Synth, Juno-60 Synth Engine (4 voices), ACB modelling technology, 64 Preset sounds and controls for filter and envelope, Effects : Delay and reverb, Programmable chord sequencer with a maximum of 64 steps and 64 patterns, Choice of 100 chords available, Chords can be varied with arpeggios or rhythmic phrasing (9 styles with 12 variations each), Mix input line/headphone output : 3.5 mm TRS jack, Sync in/out : 3.5 mm jack, MIDI in/out : 3.5 mm TRS jack, type A, USB-C port for USB audio/MIDI and power supply, Built-in lithium-ion battery for up to 3.5 hours of...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Novation Summit

    Novation Summit

    Novation Summit, 16-Part Polyphonic Synthesizer, Multitimbral on 2 areas, Based on the peak architecture, Semi-weighted 61-key keyboard with velocity response and aftertouch, 3 Oscillators per voice, Doubled analog filters, Analog VCAs and 3 analog distortion levels per voice, 3 NCO New Oxford oscillators per voice enable subtractive, wavetable or FM sound generation, Analog multimode filter with 12/24 dB per voice with dual mode, Effects like distortion, chorus, delay and reverb, Arpeggiator, Pitch and modulation wheel, Dimensions (W x D x H) : 998.4 x 302.4 x 71 mm, Weight : 11 kg, Suitable...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Teenage Engineering OP-1 field

    Teenage Engineering OP-1 field

    Teenage Engineering OP-1 field, Desktop Synthesizer, 4 Modes : synth, drum, tape and mixer, Stereo sample engine, 7 Stereo synthesiser engines, Internal FM antenna, 8 Tapes with 6 minutes recording time each and 4 stereo tracks, 4 Tape recording formats : Studio 4-Track, Vintage 4-Track, Porta and Disc Mini, 32-bit Audio throughout the entire signal chain, USB audio / MIDI direct connection to OP-Z, TX-6 and OP-1, USB and MIDI host, Internal memory : 256 MB, Up to 500 user patches, Over 160 minutes of sampling memory, Up to 24 hours battery life, 2 Octave keyboard with mini keys, Bluetooth...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Modal Cobalt8X

    Modal Cobalt8X

    Modal Cobalt8X, Virtual Analog Synthesizer, 8-Voice polyphony, 61-Key keyboard with velocity sensitivity (FATAR TP9 / S) with aftertouch, 24 Buttons, Lockable four-axis joystick, OLED display, Glide / Portamento (legato and staccato mode) as well as Mono, Poly, Unison (2, 4 and 8) and Stack (2 and 4) keyboard modes, 4-Pole morphable ladder filter with cutoff (frequency), res (resonance) and morph controls, Two independent oscillator groups with up to 4 oscillators each, 34 Algorithms like sync, ring modulation, waveform morphing and many more, Step sequencer, Arpeggiator, 3 Independent DSP...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : SOMA Rumble of Ancient Times

    SOMA Rumble of Ancient Times

    SOMA Rumble Of Ancient Times, 8-Bit Noise Synthesiser And Sequencer, 4 Oscillators with 16 waveforms each and one LFO, 8 Waveforms per LFO for modulating oscillator pitch or level, Configurable oscillator mixer with 8 selectable summing algorithms (FM, addition, subtraction, waveshaper, ring modulator and more), Randomizer function, Attack/release envelope, A low-pass filter with resonance, An internal clock generator and a loop sequencer, Control possible via 4 contact pads, 4 knobs and 10 buttons, Volume control, Line output : 3.5 mm jack, Sync input/output : 3.5 mm jack, Power supply...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Dübreq Bowie Stylophone

    Dübreq Bowie Stylophone

    Dübreq Bowie Stylophone - Limited Edition ; miniature synthesizer with built-in speaker ; white design with embossed Bowie logo ; full colour booklet celebrating David Bowie’s work and featuring exclusive contributions and archive photographs ; metal foil keyboard ; playable with the help of a special stylus (included), vibrato ; 3 tones ; powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included)

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Arturia MicroFreak

    Arturia MicroFreak

    Arturia MicroFreak, Hybrid Synthesizer, Touch keyboard with 25 keys, Velocity dynamic with polyphonic aftertouch, Digital oscillator with synthesis methods like Karplus Strong, Harmonic OSC, Superwave and Texturer, Analog state variable filter (-12 dB/oct.) with selectable lowpass, bandpass and highpass characteristics, LFO with 6 vibration modes, 2 Envelope generators, Modulation matrix with 5 sources and 7 targets, Arpeggiator, Step sequencer with 4 automation tracks and random parameters, Paraphonic mode, OLED display, Mono line output : 6.3 mm Jack (balanced), CV / Gate / Pressure...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Yamaha MX49 V2 Black

    Yamaha MX49 V2 Black

    Yamaha MX49 V2 Black, Synthesiser, 49 Keys, AWM2 Sound generation, 128 Voice polyphony, 16 Multitimbral parts, VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling), 1,000 Voices, Based on the waveforms from the MOTIF XS, Arpeggiator, Split/Layer function, WAV, AIFF and standard MIDI file playback from USB storage devices, USB audio / MIDI interface with iOS support, Pitch bend and modulation wheel, Stereo AUX-In 3.5 mm mini jack, 2x 6.3 mm Jack line output (L/R), Headphone output, MIDI in/out, Sustain and foot controller port, LCD, Incl. Steinberg Cubase AI, Incl. full version of the FM Essential Synth App (4...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Roland Juno-DS 61

    Roland Juno-DS 61

    Roland Juno-DS 61, Synthesiser Includes all the JUNO-Di plus sounds plus new acoustic pianos and E-Pianos, organ sounds and much more.@+@+, Tone enhancements through a virtual Wave Expansion Slot, Sounds are available free of charge on the ROLAND AXIAL website, 61 Velocity-Sensitive keys, Maximum polyphony : 128 Voices, More than 1200 preset patches : More than 30 drum kits, 64 performances, 256 User Memory Patches : 8 Drum kits, 128 performances, Sample Import function to play samples (user Wav files) on the JUNO-DS keyboard, 8 Phrase pads for triggering samples and songs previously stored as...

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