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Synthesizers and Workstations

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  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Korg SV-2S 73

    Korg SV-2S 73

    Korg SV-2S 73, Stage piano, 73 Velocity sensitive keys, RH3 keyboard with hammer mechanism, graduated weighted in four zones, Sound generation : EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded), Polyphony : 128 voices, Layer and split sounds with up to 3 timbres, Authentic electric piano, clav and organ sounds including the typical background noises, Vintage effects and speaker simulations, String, ensemble, brass, choir and synthesiser sounds, 4 Concert grand pianos + 2 pianos, 64 Favourite sounds can be saved, Effect section with real tube drive circuit, K-ARRAY loudspeaker system 2 x 2.5...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Moog Grandmother Dark

    Moog Grandmother Dark

    Moog Grandmother Dark, Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer, 32-Key Fatar keyboard, Saves up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes, Arpeggiator, Integrated hardware spring reverb based on Moog 905 (can also be used for external signals), 2 Analog oscillators with selectable waveform and hard sync, Classic 4-pole 10 Hz - 20 kHz ladder filter, Patchable 1-pole high pass filter, Analog ADSR envelope generator, Patchable bipolar attenuator, Compatible with Mother-32, DFAM and other modular systems, Pitch and modulation wheel, Dimensions (WxDxH) : 58 x 36.2 x 13.9 cm, Weight : 7.25 kg, Colour : Black,...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Behringer MS-1-RD

    Behringer MS-1-RD

    Behringer MS-1-RD , Analogue Synthesiser, Keyboard with 32 semi-weighted keys, Analogue VCO - 3340 based, 4 Mixable waveforms : Rectangle (with adjustable pulse width), sawtooth, triangle and square suboscillator (switchable between -1 octave and -2 octaves), Noise generator, Resonant low-pass filter, Filter FM possible via VCO waveforms, ADSR envelope, LFO with wide frequency range, Arpeggiator and programmable step sequencer, Glide, Bender with assignment to VCO, VCF and LFO intensity, Dimensions : 85 x 569 x 267 mm, Weight : 6.3 kg, Colour : Red, Includes modulation knob, shoulder strap and...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Behringer Vocoder VC340

    Behringer Vocoder VC340

    Behringer Vocoder VC340, Vocoder, Analogue vocoder and string ensemble synthesiser, Keyboard with 37 semi-weighted and velocity sensitive keys, ""Human Voice"" (Male and Female) and ""Strings"" sections mixable for classic string and choir sounds, Analogue vocoder with tone control, BBD chorus for ensemble effects, Vibrato LFO, Pitch shift fader, Metal case with wooden side parts, Dimensions (H x W x D) : 103 x 649 x 257 mm, Weight : 6.6 kg, Suitable protective cover : Art.#481849# (not included), Suitable case : Art.#482980# (not included)@+*Connections :*@+@+, Stereo / mono audio output : 6.3...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Behringer MonoPoly

    Behringer MonoPoly

    Behringer MonoPoly, Four-Voice Analog Synthesizer, 37 Velocity-sensitive full-size keys, 4 Oscillators, each with triangle, sawtooth and pulse waveforms (including pulse width modulation), octave selector switch, controls for fine tuning and volume, Oscillators can be played in unison (with chord memory) and polyphonically, Oscillator synchronisation and cross modulation with adjustable intensity, Noise generator, Low-pass filter with resonance and adjustable keyboard tracking, 2 ADSR envelopes for VCF & VCA, LFO 1 with 4 waveforms (triangle, square, rising and falling sawtooth) and...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Yamaha MODX8

    Yamaha MODX8

    Yamaha MODX8, Compact Music Synthesiser, 88 Keys, GHS keyboard (velocity-sensitive), Motion Control Synthesis Engine, Sample-based AWM2 synthesis with 128 voices, 5.67 GB Waveform ROM & 1 GB Flash ROM for User Waveforms, FM-X synthesis with 64 voices, 8 Operators and 88 algorithms, Super Knob controls up to 128 parameters simultaneously, 7"" Colour VGA touch screen, 2,000 Preset performances, 640 user performances, 4 Assignable Knobs, 4 Sliders, 2-in / 10-out multi-channel USB audio interface for PC / Mac / iOS, USB host and device connections, MIDI input / output, 2 Pedal inputs, 2...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Behringer Poly D

    Behringer Poly D

    Behringer Poly D, 4-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer, 37 Full-size velocity-sensitive keys, 4-Voice polyphonic design with mono-, unison- and polyphonic mode, 4 Analogue VCOs with triangular-, sawtooth- and pulse waveforms, Noise generator with white and pink noise, 24 dB Ladder filter with resonance, Switchable low pass-/high-pass filter, Analogue LFO with square-/ triangular waveforms, 2 ADS envelope for VCF and VCA, Analogue BBD stereo chorus, Integrated distortion with tone control, 32-Step sequencer, Arpeggiator, Pitch- and modulation wheel, Adjustable control panel and 84...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Moog Matriarch Dark

    Moog Matriarch Dark

    Moog Matriarch Dark, Semi-Modular Synthesizer, 4-Note paraphone, With patch option, Analog sound generation, 256 Step sequencer, Arpeggiator, Stereo ladder filter and stereo analog delay, Based on the circuits of the Moog modular synthesizers, 4 Analog oscillators with selectable waveforms, Mixer with 6 inputs, 2 Four-stage ADSR, 3 Bipolar voltage-controlled attenuators with ring modulator function, 2 Discrete analog VCAs (stereo routed), 49 Key keyboard with aftertouch (via MIDI, KBD VEL OUT and KB AT OUT connections), Pitch and modulation wheels, 90 Patch points 3.5 mm on the front and...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Modal Cobalt8

    Modal Cobalt8

    Modal Cobalt8, Virtual Analog Synthesizer, 8-Voice polyphonic, Velocity sensitive 37 key keyboard with aftertouch (Fatar TP9 / S), 24 Buttons, Lockable four-axis joystick, OLED display, Glide / Portamento (Legato and Staccato mode) as well as Mono, Poly, Unison (2, 4 and 8) and Stack (2 and 4) keyboard modes, 4-Pole morphable ladder filter with cutoff, res (resonance) and morph controls, 2 Independent oscillator groups with up to 4 oscillators each, 34 Algorithms like sync, ring modulation, waveform morphing and more, Step sequencer, Arpeggiator, 3 Independent DSP effects (FX1, FX2 and...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps

    Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps

    Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps ; compact 27-key 8bit wave memory synthesizer ; suitable for mobile use ; four 8bit sound engines : Warp, Attack, Morph and FM ; powerful voice mode : Poly, Mono and Arpeggiator ; dynamic sequencer mode : Slice, Random and Stutter ; ADSR envelope ; with Step Sequencer, Filter, internal Effects and Looper ; 16 control knobs ; Latch function ; LCD display ; one parameter lock for each sequencer step ; with preset waveforms and editable user waveforms ; 6-note polyphonic ; built-in reference speaker ; input : Stereo line-in (3.5mm, jack) ; outputs : 1x stereo line-out (3.5mm, jack), 1x...

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