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Synthesizers and Workstations

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Articles de cette rubrique

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Kodamo Mask1

    Kodamo Mask1

    Kodamo Mask1, Bitmask Synthesizer, Weighted 61-key Fatar keyboard, Velocity sensitive and with aftertouch, 10-Voice polyphony, Two digital Bitmask oscillators per voice deriving 256 selectable waveforms from one sine wave, Noise generator with adjustable sample & hold rate, Multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch) with -12dB/octave, 2 LFOs with 7 waveforms and 16 selectable modulation destinations, 4 ADSR envelopes (oscillator 1 & 2, noise generator, filter), 2 Stereo effect processors (reverb, delay, distortion, bitcrush, ring modulator, chorus), 9 Selectable playing modes for...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : SOMA Enner Night Frog

    SOMA Enner Night Frog

    SOMA Enner Night Frog, Experimental Souch synthesiser and Effects Unit, Completely analogue signal path, Combination of 5-voice polyphonic synthesiser, rhythm/bass synthesiser, noise generator, stereo multi-mode filter, stereo delay and built-in contact microphone, All sections are played and connected by touching the touch pads (electrically conductive objects such as coins can also be used), Polyphonic synthesiser with 5 voices, tuning control per voice, ring modulators and 6 pads for modulation, Rhythm/bass synthesiser consisting of a pulse generator with 9 binary outputs and tempo...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

    ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

    ASM Hydrasynth Explorer, Digital wavemorphing synthesizer, 37 velocity sensitive "medium size" keys with aftertouch, 8 voices, Monotimbral, Full polyphonic aftertouch, Arpeggiator including ratchet, chance, gate time & swing (8 modes), 3 oscillators with 219 single-cycle waveforms, WaveScan parameters for modulating through wavetables, Wavelist mode for crossfading up to 8 wavetables, 8 user-defined wavelists per oscillator, Mixer including noise generator and ring modulator, 2 filters (serial or parallel), Filter 1 with 11 different filter models (12 & 24 db ladder, vintage ladder, HP, LP,...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

    ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

    ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard, Digital Wave-Morphing Synthesizer, 49 Velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, 8 Voice polyphony - monotimbral, Fully polyphonic aftertouch, Arpeggiator includes Ratchet, Chance, Gate and Swing (8 modes in total), 3 Oscillators with 219 single-cycle waveforms, WaveScan parameters for modulating via wavetables, Wavelist mode for blending up to 8 wavetables, 8 Custom Wavelists per oscillator, Mixer includes Noise Generator and Ring Modulator, 2 Filters : series or parallel, Filter 1 includes 11 different filter models (12 & 24 dB Ladder, Ladder Vintage, HP, LP, Vocal,...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Moog Theremini

    Moog Theremini

    Moog Theremini, Theremin, Variable quantization, Integrated tuner, 32 Memories for performance parameters such as basic tone and scaling, Integrated speaker, Adjustable stereo Ping-Pong Delay, Headphone output, MIDI USB Connection, CV output, 2x Line outputs 6.3 mm jack, 3/8" Thread for mounting on a tripod, LCD, Dimensions (W x H x D) : 578 x 381 x 165 mm, Weight : 1.3 kg

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Behringer Vocoder VC340

    Behringer Vocoder VC340

    Behringer Vocoder VC340, Vocoder, Analogue vocoder and string ensemble synthesiser, Keyboard with 37 semi-weighted and velocity sensitive keys, "Human Voice" (Male and Female) and "Strings" sections mixable for classic string and choir sounds, Analogue vocoder with tone control, BBD chorus for ensemble effects, Vibrato LFO, Pitch shift fader, Metal case with wooden side parts, Dimensions (H x W x D) : 103 x 649 x 257 mm, Weight : 6.6 kg, Suitable protective cover : Art.#481849# (not included), Suitable case : Art.#482980# (not included)@+*Connections :*@+@+, Stereo / mono audio output : 6.3 mm...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Akai Professional MPC Key 61

    Akai Professional MPC Key 61

    Akai Professional MPC Key 61, Standalone MPC Synthesizer Keyboard, 61 Semi-weighted keys, Velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch, More than 6000 preset sounds and 25 plug-in instruments, 100 Multi-effect algorithms, 16 Velocity-sensitive RGB pads (8 pad banks), Assignable Touch Strip controller, 7" Colour multi-touch display with gesture control, 4 Q-Link encoders and push encoders, 4GB RAM, 32GB Internal memory, expandable via SATA connector for optional hard drive, MPC DAW with MIDI and audio recording, WLAN- and Bluetooth-enabled, 4 Line outputs : 6.3 mm jack, Stereo headphone output :...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Moog Grandmother

    Moog Grandmother

    Moog Grandmother, Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer, 32-Key Fatar Keyboard, Saves up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes, Arpeggiator, Integrated hardware spring reverb based on Moog 905 (can also be used for external signals), 2 Analog oscillators with selectable waveform and hard sync, Classic 4-pole 10 Hz - 20 kHz ladder filter, Patchable 1-pole high pass filter, Analog ADSR envelope generator, Patchable bipolar attenuator, Compatible with Mother-32, DFAM and other modular systems, Pitch and modulation wheel, 41 Patch points with 21 inputs, 16 outputs and a parallel wired 4-jack Mult, 1...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Roland AIRA Compact S-1 Tweak Synth

    Roland AIRA Compact S-1 Tweak Synth

    Roland AIRA Compact S-1 Tweak Synth, Synthesiser, 4-Voice polyphonic compact synthesiser with sequencer and ACB synth engine, Oscillator with square/pulse, sawtooth, sub-oscillator and noise, Oscillator chop mode with comb filter and additionally generated harmonics, Oscillator Draw mode for creating your own waveforms, Low-pass filter with resonance and adjustable modulation by LFO and envelope, LFO with 6 waveforms, ADSR envelope, Delay, reverb and chorus effect, Step sequencer with 64 steps and 64 patterns, Motion recording, programmable probability, shuffle, portamento and more,...

  • Synthesizers and Workstations : Roland Fantom 7

    Roland Fantom 7

    Roland Fantom 7, Synthesiser Workstation, 76 Lightly weighted, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, ZEN Core sound engine with 256 voices, V-Piano and SuperNATURAL sound engine, More than 3500 preset sounds and over 90 drum kits, Multisampling with up to 352 samples per tone, Memory for 128 scenes (x4 banks), 16 Parts, each with up to 4 sound layers, Effects : EQ and multi-effects for each part, 2 insert effects, 6 drum part compressors, master compressor, master EQ, 90 Different effect types, Stereo 32-Band vocoder, 8-Voice pad sampler (16 pads x 4 banks), Freely assignable...

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