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Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Delay

vendredi 26 janvier 2024

Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Delay

Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Delay, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Hi-End Stereo Analog Delay, Uses 8x MN3005 chips for warm, rich echoes, Delay time from 80 ms to 1200 ms, Stereo or Mono usable, Delay Modes : Parallel, Ping-Pong, Series (serial), Independent setting of delay times for left and right channel, Independent setting of note values per channel : quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted eighth no, Provides both syncopated and classic delay sounds, Active tilt EQ for the effect signal, from bass-boost/hi-cut to high-boost/bass-cut, Adjustable waveforms for modulation : sine, square,...

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