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T-Rex Binson Echorec Disk Delay

mardi 3 octobre 2023

T-Rex Binson Echorec Disk Delay

T-Rex Binson Echorec Disk Delay, Effect pedal, Disk Delay, New edition of the Binson Magnetic Disk echo unit in a more compact housing, 2 Recording heads for short and long delays, +/- 20% adjustable drum speed, 4 Switchable and level adjustable playback heads, Choose between repeats and swells, "Magic Eye" input level meter, Balanced I/O for studio applications, Connections for external speed adjustment and bypass, Controls : Echo Time, Drum Speed, Rec Level, Repeat, Echo tone, Push buttons : Playback 1, 2, 3 and 4, Switches : Rec, Short/Long, Repeat/Swells, Footswitch : Effect bypass, Input...

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