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Kodamo Mask1

jeudi 1er juin 2023

Kodamo Mask1

Kodamo Mask1, Bitmask Synthesizer, Weighted 61-key Fatar keyboard, Velocity sensitive and with aftertouch, 10-Voice polyphony, Two digital Bitmask oscillators per voice deriving 256 selectable waveforms from one sine wave, Noise generator with adjustable sample & hold rate, Multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch) with -12dB/octave, 2 LFOs with 7 waveforms and 16 selectable modulation destinations, 4 ADSR envelopes (oscillator 1 & 2, noise generator, filter), 2 Stereo effect processors (reverb, delay, distortion, bitcrush, ring modulator, chorus), 9 Selectable playing modes for...

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