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Yamaha MODX8

samedi 19 mars 2022

Mise à jour le 19-03-2022 09:19

Yamaha MODX8

Yamaha MODX8, Compact Music Synthesiser, 88 Keys, GHS keyboard (dynamically-sensitive), Motion Control Synthesis Engine, Sample-based AWM2 synthesis with 128 voices, 5.67 GB Waveform ROM & 1 GB Flash ROM for User Waveforms, FM-X synthesis with 64 voices, 8 Operators and 88 algorithms, Super Knob controls up to 128 parameters simultaneously, 7"" Colour VGA touch screen, 2.000 Preset performances, 640 user performances, 4 Assignable Knobs, 4 Sliders, 2-in / 10-out multi-channel USB audio interface for PC / Mac / iOS, USB host and device connections, MIDI input / output, 2 Pedal inputs, 2...

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