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Walrus Audio Monumental Tremolo

mardi 14 mai 2024

Walrus Audio Monumental Tremolo

Walrus Audio Monumental Tremolo, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Stereo version of Walrus Audio’s "Monument" - Harmonic Tremolo with extended functions, Analogue tremolo with optocouplers for warm, rich modulation, In harmonic mode, high and low frequencies are alternately boosted and cut : treble "on" - bass "off" and vice versa, Ramp up-down function, for "Leslie" style, True Bypass, 3 Presets for saving your own settings, additional live mode, 6 LFO waveforms selectable : Sine, Square, Saw, Ramp, Bump, Random, 5 LFO "subdivisions" selectable : quarter, quarter triple, eighth, eighth...

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