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Viscount Legend

mercredi 29 juin 2022

Viscount Legend

Viscount Legend, Dual-Manual Organ Keyboard, 2 x 73 buttons Waterfall Keyboard (61 + 12 reversed Keys), Tonewheel modeling technology, Built-in effects such as reverb, overdrive, vibrato / chorus (V-1, V-2, V-3, C-3), Rotary Simulations : Direct, Classic, Rock, Half Moon Rotary Speed ​​Control, 2 Sets with 9 drawbars each, 2 Line outputs : 6.3 mm jack (L / R), Pedal output : 6.3 mm jack (without C / V and Rotary simulation), 11-Pin Rotary Speaker (without Rotary Simulation), 2 Stereo headphone outputs : 6.3 mm jack, Digital Expression Pedal : 6.3 mm jack, Rotary Simulation Foot switch...

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