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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 16

lundi 15 août 2022

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 16

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 16, Reactive Loadbox / Attenuator / Speaker Simulator / IR Loader / Stereo Expander, For home, live, and studio use, Max. power rating : 100 W RMS, 16 Ohm version, For playing a tube amplifier at its ""sweet spot"" and volume control with attenuator, New features for Torpedo Captor family include a stereo expander (stereo reverb and double tracker), enhancer, voicing, space, noise gate, and XLR DI outputs with 3 routing options (stereo, dual mono, and dry/wet), Controls : Space, voicing, out level, preset, Push buttons : In Level High/Low, Gnd Lift, Switch : Volume...

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