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Tone King Imperial Mk II TW

mercredi 19 octobre 2022

Tone King Imperial Mk II TW

Tone King Imperial Mk II TW, Tube Combo for Electric Guitar, Integrated Ironman II compensated power attenuator (up to -36 dB), Channels : 2, Power : 20 W, Preamp tubes : 3x 12AX7A, Power tubes : 2x 6V6, Equipped with : 1x 12"" Custom designed 8 ohm ceramic magnet speaker from Eminence, Attenuator features : Precision Tuned Reactive Load, Fletcher-Munson Volume Compensation Circuitry, Damping factor correction, 5AR4 Rectifier tube, 12AT7 Reverb driver tube, 12AX7A Reverb receiver tube, Housing design : open, Controls on the rhythm channel : Vol, Treb, Bass, Lead channel : Vol, Tone, Mid-Bite,...

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