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SOMA Rumble of Ancient Times

lundi 12 septembre 2022

SOMA Rumble of Ancient Times

SOMA Rumble Of Ancient Times, 8-Bit Noise Synthesiser And Sequencer, 4 Oscillators with 16 waveforms each and one LFO, 8 Waveforms per LFO for modulating oscillator pitch or level, Configurable oscillator mixer with 8 selectable summing algorithms (FM, addition, subtraction, waveshaper, ring modulator and more), Randomizer function, Attack/release envelope, A low-pass filter with resonance, An internal clock generator and a loop sequencer, Control possible via 4 contact pads, 4 knobs and 10 buttons, Volume control, Line output : 3.5 mm jack, Sync input/output : 3.5 mm jack, Power supply...

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