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Roland VAD706-GE E-Drum Set

vendredi 22 octobre 2021

Roland VAD706-GE E-Drum Set

Roland VAD706-GE E-Drum Set, V-Drums Acoustic Design, full size drum pads, wooden kick and toms, finish : gloss ebony, stainless steel snare drum, new lightweight and thinner cymbal design for natural appearance, set configuration : 1x 22""x18"" kick drum (KD-222), 14""x5"" digital mesh head snare drum (PD-140DS), 10""x7"" dual-zone tom (PDA-100), 12""x8"" dual-zone tom (PDA-120), 1x 14""x13"" dual-zone floor tom (PDA-140F), 1x 14"" digital hi-hat pad and controller (VH-14D), 2x 16"" dual-zone pad with choke (CY-16R-T), 1x 18"" digital ride cymbal pad (CY-18DR), Roland TD-50X Drum Module, 100...

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