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Rodenberg Killmister Auto Kill Switch

mercredi 23 mars 2022

Mise à jour le 23-03-2022 20:49

Rodenberg Killmister Auto Kill Switch

Rodenberg Killmister Auto Kill Switch, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Besides the manual kill option, the pedal has an 8-step rotary switch with which you can set automatic kill times from 400 ms - 100 ms, the eighth step 100 ms (50 ms cycle) is then like machine-gun fire, As long as you keep the footswitch pressed, the pedal kills at the set rate (stage 1 = manual, the sound is muted as long as the footswitch is pressed), It is a hard kill (reed relay), not a tremolo effect., LED : Status LED, lights up in the kill cycle, Footswitch : Effect bypass, Input : 6.3 mm jack, Output : 6.3 mm...

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