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Moog Mavis

mercredi 15 juin 2022

Moog Mavis

Moog Mavis ; do-it-yourself synthesizer kit ; 1-voice analog ; set includes all necessary components ; usable as standalone desktop synth or 44 HP Eurorack module ; Analog voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) ; Analog -24dB Moog low pass ladder filter ; 4-stage analog envelope generator (EG) ; Analog low frequency oscillator (LFO) ; Pulse width modulation ; Modular utilities (attenuators, offsets, mults and a flexible DC-coupled mixer) ; Sample and hold ; Analog voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) ; 24-point patch bay (3.5 mm) ; Keyboard with one octave with glide and scaling ; incl. external power supply...

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