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Modal Cobalt5s

mercredi 27 avril 2022

Mise à jour le 27-04-2022 16:12

Modal Cobalt5s

Modal Cobalt5s, 5-Voice Portable Virtual Analogue Synthesizer, 37-Key keyboard with aftertouch, 40 Virtual analogue oscillators (up to 8 per voice), 5-Voice polyphony, 16 Switchable endless knobs, 5-Axis touchpad for pitch bend, modulation wheel and other modulation assignments, 2 Oscillator groups with sine, pulse, triangle and sawtooth waveforms, Polyphonic real-time and step sequencer with four tracks, Integrated programmable arpeggiator, Multiple keyboard modes : Mono, poly, stack 2, unison 2 and unison 4, 4-Pole morphable ladder filter with resonance, 3 Envelope generators for AMP, MOD...

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