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Hammond SK PRO-73

mercredi 30 août 2023

Hammond SK PRO-73

Hammond SK PRO-73, Stage keyboard with Hammond drawbars, 3 Different sound engines : Organ, Piano/Ensemble and Mono Synth, 73-Key Hammond Waterfall keyboard, Organ section : 3 parts (upper, lower, pedal) with 9 drawbars and 61-voice polyphony, Piano/Ensemble section : 128-voice polyphonic with category keys and in-depth sound editing (sample selection, filter, envelope, LFO, etc.), Mono synth section : monophonic with 6 different oscillators, 4 filter types, LFO and two envelopes, 100 Preset and 100 user patches for organ and mono synth section, 300 Preset and 400 user patches for the...

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