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Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro VS

lundi 29 mai 2023

Mise à jour le 29-05-2023 23:43

Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro VS

Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro VS, Electric Guitar@+Epiphone has largely retained the characteristics of its famous American big sister, and the sound that comes from the two humbuckers is clearly reminiscent of the original : a rather soft and full-bodied tone, ideally suited for jazz, but with enough edge so that other styles such as blues and rock still sound great.@+@+@+As with any good semi-acoustic, the Sheraton also has a bit of a "woody" resonance in the sound. This is particularly noticeable with more intricate and delicate playing styles in the clean and low crunch range, due to its rich...

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