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Digitech Whammy DT

mardi 17 octobre 2023

Digitech Whammy DT

Digitech Whammy DT, Effects Device, Polyphonic harmonizer/detuner for guitar and bass, 9 Harmonizer effects, 10 Whammy effects, 2 Detune effects, Pitch bend range : -3 to +2 octaves, Detune range : -4 to -30 cents, Drop tuning/Capo function - The signal can be tuned 7 semitones or an octave up or down, The dry signal can be switched to octave, Momentary switch for hammer-on and pull-off effects, True bypass and DSP bypass (with DSP bypass, drop tuning/capo function is switchable), Rotary knob for selecting the whammy/harmonizer effects and for drop tune/capo function, On/Off Switch for...

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