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DSM & Humboldt Silver Linings Pre Amp

jeudi 23 décembre 2021

Mise à jour le 23-12-2021 04:12

DSM & Humboldt Silver Linings Pre Amp

DSM & Humboldt Silver Linings Pre Amp ; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar ; from the manufacturer of the Simplifier ; A Versatile, fully analog drive that adapts to your playing style and gear, from the sweetest clean to the most glaring high gain ; The range of tones rivals any digital modeler, but with the immediate response and complex dynamics that only analog circuits can deliver ; A Variable Gain Bandwidth keeps the tone tight and clear at any range ; three different gain structures : Soft, Vintage and Hard ; three pre-Amp Modes : Normal is a transparent drive, Preamp is perfect for driving a...

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