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Behringer Odyssey

mercredi 22 décembre 2021

Behringer Odyssey

Behringer Odyssey, Analog Synthesizer, 37 Full-size keys, Monophonic/Duo-phonic synthesizer, Controls : octave +/-, pitch bend, modulation, 2 VCOs with sawtooth and square/pulse, VCO sync, VCO pulse-width modulation, Noise generator, Ring modulator, Low-pass filter with resonance, 3 Selectable filter circuits, Adjustable high-pass filter, Switchable overdrive, 1x AR- and 1x ADSR envelope, VCO 1 can be used as LFO, Digital effects section, 32-Step sequencer, Arpeggiator@+*Connectors :*@+@+, CV input : 3.5 mm, Gate input : 3.5 mm, Trigger input : 3.5 mm, CV output : 3.5 mm, Gate output : 3.5 mm,...

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