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Behringer MS-1-RD

vendredi 5 mai 2023

Behringer MS-1-RD

Behringer MS-1-RD , Analogue Synthesiser, Keyboard with 32 semi-weighted keys, Analogue VCO - 3340 based, 4 Mixable waveforms : Rectangle (with adjustable pulse width), sawtooth, triangle and square suboscillator (switchable between -1 octave and -2 octaves), Noise generator, Resonant low-pass filter, Filter FM possible via VCO waveforms, ADSR envelope, LFO with wide frequency range, Arpeggiator and programmable step sequencer, Glide, Bender with assignment to VCO, VCF and LFO intensity, Dimensions : 85 x 569 x 267 mm, Weight : 6.3 kg, Colour : Red, Includes modulation knob, shoulder strap and...

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